Lift To Rise

The Neighborhood Data for Social Change Coachella Valley project was undertaken in partnership by Lift To Rise and the Sol Price Center for Social Innovation at the University of Southern California. We strive to do no less than change the trajectory of what it means to grow up, live, and work in the Coachella Valley. The work of Lift To Rise was born from a deep, mutual sense of urgency to change the trajectory of what it means to grow up, live, and work in the Coachella Valley—a rural desert region with a sharply polarized socioeconomic context. Although the Coachella Valley is widely known as a luxurious retirement community and tourist destination, the reality is far more complex. Nearly one in two Coachella Valley residents live at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty line, and struggle to afford basic necessities such as rent and food. Lift To Rise works to alter the landscape of opportunity in the region toward a more equitable future, one where all Coachella Valley families are healthy, stable and thriving.

Lift To Rise catalyzes institutional and grassroots actors to shift their attention and activities toward mutually reinforced interventions that address the underlying causes of poverty in the region. Lift To Rise employs a collective impact frame, informed by deep community engagement, that fosters strategies to concurrently advance change along two dimensions: first, to immediately stabilize conditions for low-income residents, who desperately need additional resources and support; and second, to activate leverage points to change systems, in order to alter the entrenched structures that exacerbate and perpetuate regional inequality.

Lift To Rise convenes partners from diverse agencies, nonprofits and the private sector to work together to create evidence-based solutions that measurably improve the lives of residents. Data represents a cornerstone of our effort to create a more inclusive, equitable Coachella Valley. Lift To Rise uses data to build a rigorous, shared understanding of the circumstances that residents face, their needs and opportunities—an essential prerequisite to inform and evaluate intervention. We use data to measure progress, identify deficiencies, and ensure that our work remains sensitivity to ongoing and emerging needs, and rooted in the experiences, needs and goals of residents.

Lift To Rise leads cross-sector community action networks (CANs) in three indicator areas: housing, health, and social connection. We believe that by drawing on innovative strategies, organizing productive dialogue with all facets of our community toward collective action, and emphasizing a bias towards action throughout our work, we can—together—bring social change for all Coachella Valley residents. We understand the inherent difficulties in dismantling historic inequity, fragmentation and ongoing barriers that often create oppositional factions within the third sector.


The NDSC Coachella Valley platform is made possible by our community partners:

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